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One Year Later: Patients Breathing Easier After Treatment at COLTT


For Connie Alsum, it felt like getting kicked when she was already down. The 57-year-old had struggled to get herself into shape so she would qualify to be listed for a lung transplant. For years, she went through a cycle of losing weight, becoming ill, being hospitalized, and then gaining it back, making her ineligible for the complicated

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Planning for the Future Means Planning for the Unknown

Guest blog by Mark Wutt, Methodist Health Foundation board member and vice president of individual marketing and sales support at OneAmerica® in Indianapolis.

You think you’re prepared for anything? So did I. But anyone can be taken by surprise, even someone who should have known better, like me. Thanks to Methodist Health Foundation, I’m now

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A Grateful Life is a Healthier Life


We know a little something about gratitude at Methodist Health Foundation. Gratitude shapes everything we touch. It brightens the eyes of the patients we serve, and drives the clinicians who give their all to saving and changing lives. We receive gratitude from those who have benefited from our programs every day; and every day, we are thankful

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