Random or Planned, Acts of Kindness Give a Lift to Our Smallest Patients

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Carol and her husband, Brad, never expected to be wheeling a Radio Flyer wagon jam-packed with children’s books into Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital. But, nearly three years to the day after losing their twins, Jasper and Bodhi, at birth, Carol and Brad returned to the ward where they last held their precious babies and, with their two young sons (born after their tragedy) in their arms, they read together as a whole, complete family.

The wagon-full of books remained behind, a gesture of kindness, hope and connection with other parents and children. This is their act of kindness, brought to life. In honor of their twins, the family has launched the PB&J Books Project, dedicated to donating children’s books to local hospitals and health facilities, for children, mothers and fathers who need a little bit of escape, a little bit of bonding, and a little bit of quality time together. Read more about Carol’s story in her blog.

They family is pictured at right with Kim Taylor, grief support coordinator for the Pathways Support Program at IU Health, along with Sally McGuffey and Jenna Streit from Methodist Health Foundation. 

 In honor of Random Acts of Kindness week, check out some of our suggestions on making kindness a regular occurrence.


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