Howard Family Fosters Philanthropic Spirit

It’s not often we get a .77 donation. Nor is it common for us to attract the attention of a six-year-old. Not only were we surprised to receive such a gift from this young donor – initially, her mother was, too.

“I didn’t realize Gracie slipped an envelope with coins into my purse with a note,” says Rev Event Consultant Carol Howard. The hand-written note includes a drawing of a child with outstretched arms and a heart. “That’s Gracie. She has such a heart for helping people.”

Gracie Howard had just attended a swap meet with her dad, and while there sold cookies and lemonade. She decided to give a percentage of her profits to Methodist Health Foundation. “Gracie represents what happens when parents connect their children to generosity,” says President Kevin Armstrong.

Not all children are taught to think of others. Imagine a world where this is more the norm rather than the exception.

“After Gracie gave that gift, I wanted to cultivate her giving spirit,” Carol says. “When her father and I bought Christmas gifts for a family, we involved Gracie and her sisters so they could see that this family wouldn’t have received presents without help.”

Now, Gracie is busy thinking of other ways to help people. She made a pair of paper binoculars from wrapping paper. “She asked me if we could visit Riley Hospital for Children to teach kids there how they can do simple craft projects to keep their minds off being sick,” Carol says. “I told her we’d check into it!”

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